The Newtway Stowaway connector

The Newtway v2.0 is in its testing phase. Stay tuned.

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For historical reasons, I'm leaving the information below.

The Newtway stowaway connector allows use of your Newton with Palm's Stowaway portable keyboard. (Search for hits on eBay by looking for an "m100 keyboard". Be wary of excessive shipping charges with some of these unscrupulous sellers.) Using Daniel Padilla's Stowaway driver, you can type on a quiet keyboard that folds to a fraction of the size of the original Newton keyboard. Some of Palm's Stowaway keyboards need a slight modification as noted in the picture below.

Orders can be sent to Go Green!

The original Newtway stowaway connector
The original Newtway stowaway connector in use
A close up of what has to be modified. The red high-
lighted area indicates where the plastic flange
on some stowaway keyboards need to be cut
away, one on each side.